Our Mission

Welcome to WellWallet. We exist to transform the economy into a force of good – for you, our communities and our planet.

We believe it?s possible for a shared, participatory, and harmonized economy to exist right now, which is why we offer evolved financial tools, technology, content and education that promotes purpose, transparency, and shared abundance.

Join us in the movement to create more harmony on the planet by transforming how we spend, invest, save, and donate.

Taking back the concept of capitalism

The concept of capitalism has been hijacked and vilified as a system of greed that destroys communities and the planet.

What if we took back the concept of capitalism? What if the positive, intrinsically good aspects of business were highlighted, supported and encouraged? For example, its power to create value, enhance our existence and elevate people from poverty.

Could we create a better world while growing wealth?

We believe we can. And we are building this community to help us all get there.?Our focus: Purpose, People, Planet and?Profit.


The WellWallet purpose is to promote personal freedom through financial independence, while having a positive impact on communities and the planet.?We will start this journey by offering valuable content and tools that can help you get there.

Our vision is for every single member of the WellWallet community to pave their path to financial independence in real and measurable ways, and to do so in a supportive environment that also makes the world a better place. Our core values are these:

  1. Create positive impact in the world through a network of engaged community members and partners who believe that building wealth can be aligned with doing good in the world.
  2. Help people profit with purpose. Grow wealth for our community members through our automated money assistant, inspiring content, partnerships and services.
  3. Promote the highest quality conscious financial products for the benefit of all of our stakeholders: community members, partners, employees and the planet.
  4. Remove the shame that often accompanies the topic of money by sharing inspiring stories from real people as they navigate their money journey.

Another important aspect of our WellWallet principles is transparency. We are able to provide our content, technology and services at no cost to our members because of our partnerships with conscious companies.

We will always disclose when we are benefiting financially from promoting a certain product or partner. We only choose partners whose products and services are congruent with our values and purpose.


Forging your path to sustainable wealth

It’s time for us to being talking about money. Whether you?ve already forged your own path to financial independence or continue to face challenges, we want to hear your story. Too often we do not talk about money because we feel ashamed. One of our goals is to remove the shame and stigma often associated with money.

We believe that the path to sustainable wealth also requires a conscious look at how our money moves in the world. Where we spend, save and invest has an impact, both to our wallets and to the world.

How a community can help

Communities form their own economy by having shared purpose, interests and energy exchange.?A more evolved economy considers the contributions, ideals and purpose of the greater community it serves by offering equal flow, transparency and access by all.

When we create a community of people interested in financial independence while helping People and Planet, money starts to flow in that ecosystem. We start seeing more positive impact. Our goal is to create a ecosystem of like-minded individuals who are looking to grow their wealth while having positive impact.


Just as money can be used to destroy the planet it can also be used to regenerate, nurture and protect the environment.

It all comes down to gaining awareness in where you spend, save, invest and donate. WellWallet provides transparency, education and tracking tools that allow you transform the energy you put into the economy to flow towards positive planetary gain.

Our goal is to take a positive and integrated approach to addressing environmental challenges such as air quality, climate change, deforestation, and sustainable farming.


Profit is not a dirty word. It is an integral part of our current money system. We believe that the concept of profit, like the concept of capitalism, can be transformed into a force for good. Our goal is to help people profit with purpose.

By offering evolved financial tools, technology and education, WellWallet promotes an economy built on purpose, transparency, and shared abundance.

We are excited to be taking this journey with you.
– Team WellWallet

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