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3 Tricks For Overcoming Money Anxiety

Student loans. Rent. Health insurance. Car payments. Did-I-Actually-Spend-That-Much-At-The-Bar payments. Money anxiety affects all of us, no matter what tax bracket we’re in. Look at Kanye West ? the guy’s one of the biggest artists in the world and claimed to have gone into $53 million in personal debt after funding his Yeezy fashion line. Granted, digging his way out from under this enormous debt likely just means going on tour and chartering one private jet per week instead of two, but still. At some point, all of us experience money anxiety. The problem is, few of us ever talk about it.

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How To Stay Sane While Budgeting For Your Wedding (And Not Rip Your Partner’s Head Off)

Getting engaged is a wonderful thing. You share your joyous news with family, friends, and random Facebook acquaintances you dated briefly back in 2011. You sip champagne and imagine what an awesome party you’ll have to celebrate this major milestone in life. A party that involves flowers, music, amazing clothes, easy-breezy updos, and beautiful photos that’ll last a lifetime.

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