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The Week’s Best Money Reads

7 Essential Money Questions Sure to Start a Conversation? NYT

The queries that always get people talking.

Cuba Wants You to Come Visit&mdash Time

Bienvenidos a Havana! Direct flights from the U.S. start August 31st.

4 Times It’s Best To Keep Your Constructive Criticism To Yourself (Even If It’s The Most Helpful)? Forbes

Zip it.

10 Items Not to Buy at Costco? Cheapism

Detergent in bulk = bad.

Maybe Don’t Spend Your Life Savings Meeting Some Dude From Tinder? The Billfold

The tale of a 24-year-old who spent all of her money flying from Prague to Denver to go on a Tinder date.


The Week’s Best Money Reads

I?Don’t ‘Budget’ or ‘Manage’ My Money — Business Insider

“I just monitor.”

What I Learned From My Year of “Things” — Billfold

Wait a minute, are Things > Experiences?

How to Help Louisiana Flood Victims — Time

Baton Rouge needs a hand.

Harvard Business Review’s Quiz Tells You If You’re In Danger of a Layoff — Two Cents?

Are you obsolete?

How Millennials Became Spooked By Credit Cards — NYT

We’re all terrified of bad credit.

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The Week’s Best Money Reads

Your Credit Score Doesn’t Matter Unless It’s Bad — Two Cents

When it comes to credit scores, “good” carries about just as much weight as “perfect.”

25 Interview Questions You Should Know By Heart — Refinery29

But, really, what is your five-year plan?

How Far Does $1 Go In Your State? –Marketwatch

$100 in New York is actually $86.43. Good times.

How Being a Middle Child Affects Your Finances — Time?

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

How to Retire If You’re Going to Live to 100 –CNN?

Get a bunch of different jobs. Then take time off. Repeat.

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The Week’s Best Money Reads

How to Get Hired by the Right Person at the Right Time — Forbes

Be a builder, get a job.

How a Will Treating Children Different Can Still Be Fair –NY Times


A Tale of Two Cans of Beans — The Billfold

Signature Kitchens v. S&W. Highlight quote: “The Signature Kitchens can remains placid, like a lake where beans only lurk deep beneath the surface.”

How Much Does It Cost To Raise a Child — Wall Street Journal

Don’t read this if you’re susceptible to panic attacks.

9 Ways to Save Money on Groceries and Kitchen Supplies You Can Actually Stick To –Time

It’s all about buying in bulk, baby!

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The Week’s Best Money Reads

How to Help Victims of the Nice Bastille Day Attack — Time

International and French aid organizations are accepting donations.

A Higher Income Alone Won’t Solve All Your Money Problems — Two Cents?

It really just comes down to being frugal.

How I Saved $100K To Buy An Apartment — Refinery29

It takes hustle, careful saving and loans.

The Costs of Being Black & Afraid in America — Billfold?

The price of housing, traveling, socializing and more.

How Wall Street Bro Talk Keeps Women Down — NY Times?

“When we dehumanize people in conversation, we give permission for them to be degraded in other ways as well.”

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The Week’s Best Money Reads

Protecting Your Checking Account From Overdraft Fees — NYTimes?

The biggest b.s. bank fee of them all.

On Race and Side Hustles –The Billfold

Alton Sterling and Eric Garner were just trying to make some cash on the side.

Paid Interns Get More Job Offers, Higher Salaries Than Unpaid Peers — WSJ

Well good for them!

The Interviewer Was So Rude I Got Up And Left– Forbes

Being abused is not in your skill set.

Top 1% aren’t as rich as they used to be — CNN Money

*Cue world’s tiniest violin*

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