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Self-Employed in the Gig Economy? Watch Out for This – Solopreneur Retirement Funds 2019

Solopreneur Retirement Funds 2019 Whether you call yourself a solopreneur, self-employed, or freelancer, you’re most likely a hard-working individual with the best boss ever – You!?However, as sole-decision makers, we solopreneurs often suffer from a lack of objective feedback. This can be especially damaging when it comes to taking care of our own basic personal…
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WellWallet RoundUp: Get a Fresh Start! Spring 2019

If You Missed your New Year?s Resolutions, Now is the Best Time to Get a Fresh Start! Spring is a great time to initiate new habits or eliminate old ones. As the earth awakens from its winter slumber in an annual rebirth, spring is traditionally a time for renewal and new beginnings. It’s a perfect…
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We Found A Green Account That Pays You 200% More Than The Big Banks

Free ATMs Worldwide. Zero Fees. Unlimited Cash Back. 2.00% APY interest ? Aspiration?s New Spend & Save Account Really Gives How? No fees, ever. Free ATMS anywhere in the world. Unlimited Cash Back on Every Debit Card Transaction. Additional Cash Back Rewards for Socially Conscious Spending. Earns up to 2.00% APY Interest ? up to…
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WellWallet RoundUp: What is Wealth? – January 2019

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What is Wealth? Today the word “wealth” relates to finances. But if you look at the etymology of the word “wealth,” you will find that its Olde English ancestors before the 1400?s carried broader meanings including ?well-being, wellness, welfare, happiness and prosperity.? Perhaps we can reappropriate our modern English definition of the word and reclaim…
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