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What’s the Best Gift for Yourself this Christmas?

What’s the Best Gift for Yourself this Christmas? I don?t know about you, but I like to get myself a little present every year. What usually happens is that I pick up something I wouldn?t normally splurge on during the year to treat myself for Christmas. And it feels great… until after the holidays. This…
Beautiful Sustainably Wrapped Christmas Presents

Give the Planet a Break this Christmas: How to Wrap Sustainably

Give The Planet a Break this Christmas – Wrap Sustainably! We used to have to use brown paper bags to wrap sustainably back in the day. But now we have choices. You can get everything you need to wrap sustainably and honor the planet this Christmas online at EarthHero and have it delivered to your…
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Solopreneur 2018 Tax Overview

Solopreneur 2018 Tax Overview Are you a freelancer or an independent contractor? Do you have a side gig? Then this Solopreneur 2018 Tax Overview applies to you. I know, taxes are boring and confusing, but they can?t be overlooked, especially if you are just starting a business for yourself. And it’s not all bad news…
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