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I could retire today if I die by the end of the month

Solopreneur Retirement (Part 2): IRAs for Solopreneurs

Solopreneur Retirement Series (Part 2) – IRAs for Solopreneurs ?Part 1 of the Solopreneur Retirement Series: ?Pay Yourself First?focused on the needs of solopreneurs, freelancers, business owners and self-employeds. We stressed that we need to remember we are separate from our business. We took a look at: Thriving in the gig economy? Solo 401(k) and…
Your Money In The News October 2018

Your Money In The News – October 2018

This month’s Your Money in The News:? How financial knowledge shapes our debt perspective, a sketchy new FICO score on the horizon, the student loan debt domino effect, and more… Debt Isn?t the Problem. Lack of Financial Education is The Problem – The Daily Reckoning American households are currently carrying 1 trillion in credit card…
fish and plastic in the ocean

Conscious Capitalism In The News – October 2018

This month’s Conscious Capitalism In The News:? EU approves single-use plastic ban, 6 Quick reads to increase your understanding of conscious capitalism, Transparency in tracking impact needed to grow impact investing, and more… Re-Imagining Capitalism: ?6 Reads to Increase Your Understanding of Conscious Capitalism – WTD The End of Capitalism is Already Starting – ?Americans…
Happy Beautiful Girl

Money Stories: Debt Anxiety Was Taking Me Down, But Cancer Changed Everything

Money Stories:? There were very few things Eleni couldn’t handle. Her mother’s untimely death, the loss of a business, her husband’s injuries, and a special needs son. But managing consumer debt anxiety almost took her down. Then cancer called and changed everything. Adapted from an interview with Eleni Ross. My financial education was the school…
How to Use Technology to Grow Your Money and Change Your World - A Podcast with WellWallet Founder Sofia Rossato

How to Use Technology to Grow Your Money and Change Our World – Podcast with WellWallet Founder Sofia Rossato

The staff of WellWallet take great pleasure in sharing with you this enlightening podcast “How To Use Technology to Improve Your Finances,” featuring our Founder, Sofia Rossato. With 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles at financial technology (fintech) companies, Sofia knows the power that the financial markets have to impact change. Sofia founded…
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