How To Avoid Credit Repair Scams

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i m will like to fix my credit live …


I wish I had known of this years ago. I have been scammed as I tried to start an online business to supplement the teachers’ pension I must live on as I age.

Suzanna Cantley
October 14, 2017 5:11 pm

Lexington Law still charges for work but the company or law agency who put the wrong information on your report must cooperate with you or the lawyers- which was my problem so the credit record was not cleared up.

Paul Bourgeois
October 14, 2017 9:32 pm

Just use Credit Karma, free. They send disputes at no charge!


    Paul, great data, thank you! We updated the article with the additional resource. Looks like CreditKarma offers a very basic dispute feature, and only with TransUnion (not the other credit agencies). If people are looking for more in-depth dispute resolution by actual paralegals and lawyers, they can take advantage of the options noted above.


Great….Im using one that’s charging $19. Monthly. The process for paying off my credit card & personal loan seem to be taking longet than when I was managing on my own. It’s been a few years now & it worries me.


    Carol, I am sorry to hear this. Sometimes companies are incentivized to drag out the process precisely because they are charging you monthly.


[…] do that, your account must be forced into delinquent status. This is why if you hire one of these scammers, they order you to stop making payments to your […]


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