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Beautiful Sustainably Wrapped Christmas Presents

Give the Planet a Break this Christmas: How to Wrap Sustainably

Give The Planet a Break this Christmas – Wrap Sustainably! We used to have to use brown paper bags to wrap sustainably back in the day. But now we have choices. You can get everything you need to wrap sustainably and honor the planet this Christmas online at EarthHero and have it delivered to your…
WellWallet founder Sofia Rossato keynote speech at MScience and Women Who Code NYC

Sofia’s Story – Women Who Code NYC

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Following is a keynote speech from WellWallet founder Sofia Rossato, given at the Women Who Code NYC event hosted by M Science in New York City on November 1, 2018. Good evening everyone. Michael and Sunaina from MScience asked me to share my story. I’d like to honor my gratitude to them with transparency. I’m…
Happy Beautiful Girl

Money Stories: Debt Anxiety Was Taking Me Down, But Cancer Changed Everything

Money Stories:  There were very few things Eleni couldn’t handle. Her mother’s untimely death, the loss of a business, her husband’s injuries, and a special needs son. But managing consumer debt anxiety almost took her down. Then cancer called and changed everything. Adapted from an interview with Eleni Ross. My financial education was the school…
How to Use Technology to Grow Your Money and Change Your World - A Podcast with WellWallet Founder Sofia Rossato

How to Use Technology to Grow Your Money and Change Our World – Podcast with WellWallet Founder Sofia Rossato

The staff of WellWallet take great pleasure in sharing with you this enlightening podcast “How To Use Technology to Improve Your Finances,” featuring our Founder, Sofia Rossato. With 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles at financial technology (fintech) companies, Sofia knows the power that the financial markets have to impact change. Sofia founded…
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