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Woman holding bouquet of flowers

How To Stay Sane While Budgeting For Your Wedding (And Not Rip Your Partner’s Head Off)

Getting engaged is a wonderful thing. You share your joyous news with family, friends, and random Facebook acquaintances you dated briefly back in 2011. You sip champagne and imagine what an awesome party you’ll have to celebrate this major milestone in life. A party that involves flowers, music, amazing clothes, easy-breezy updos, and beautiful photos that’ll last a lifetime.

woman with a suitcase walking by the sea

I Worked In a Bank When I Was 22 and Wanted to Walk Into the Sea

At 22, I was professionally flailing. I’d spent my three years since dropping out of college working at a hardware chain and then at a clothing store, finally realizing after too much managerial drama that I didn’t want a future in folding jeans. So, after too many shifts spent crying over the cash register and educating my 17-year-old employees on the symptoms of a quarter-life crisis, I asked a friend for an in at the bank across the street. She worked there, she liked it, and she thought I would too. So I bought a fancy interview outfit, updated my resume, and found myself hired for a new branch about 20 minutes away.

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