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Khaki Fox - picture of owner

This Food Start-up Broke the Rules to Launch in Two Months

Khaki Fox launched her gourmet brownie start-up in time for the holidays… by helping others. Fox and her partners at Danconias Truffle Brownies were in search of a commercial kitchen, but soon ran into roadblocks. None of the available kitchens met their scheduling, resource and labor criteria. A Gift from the Start-up Gods That’s when…
Picture of Larry Neilsen

Hunters? The Surprising Origin of Conservation and Why it Matters

Like it or not, there’s stuff that we need from our planet. We need food, we need water, and we need the land to get both of those things and much more. But that doesn’t mean that we have to tear the world apart to get it. We need to work with the planet, not…
Blake Jones picture

Why This Solar Company Founder is Starting a Credit Union

Blake Jones, co-founder of Namaste Solar and Clean Energy Credit Union, was growing frustrated with the poor financing choices available to his customers. Turns out you can get better financing for a t.v. or couch than you can for solar panels. So he set out to do something about it. Jones and his team are…
dual purpose cricket farm and shelter

How Crickets and Buildings Can Save the World

We’re here with Mitchell Joachim, co-founder and director of research at Terreform ONE, located at the New Lab building in Brooklyn. Terreform ONE is an architecture and urban design research and consulting group that promotes smart design in cities. By the way, if you haven’t seen New Lab, check them out. This refurbished old shipyard in…
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