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Solopreneur 2018 Tax Overview

Solopreneur 2018 Tax Overview Are you a freelancer or an independent contractor? Do you have a side gig? Then this Solopreneur 2018 Tax Overview applies to you. I know, taxes are boring and confusing, but they can?t be overlooked, especially if you are just starting a business for yourself. And it’s not all bad news…
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Consolidate Credit Card Debt – Payments Getting Out of Hand?

Are You Ready To Consolidate Credit Card Debt? If you are struggling to make your credit card payments every month and wondering when and how you will ever pay down your credit cards, it may be time to consolidate credit card debt using a personal loan. First, ask yourself these questions: Are you paying high…
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The Problem With Growth Economics: Time For A New Model

The Problem With Growth Economics Every economist in the world is taught the Circular Flow of Goods and Money theory. According to Oxford Economist, Kate Raworth, this diagram is at the heart of macroeconomic analysis and is the basis for measuring economic growth. But there is a problem with growth economics. The flow of goods…
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