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We Found A Green Account That Pays You 200% More Than The Big Banks

Free ATMs Worldwide. Zero Fees. Unlimited Cash Back. 2.00% APY interest ? Aspiration?s New Spend & Save Account Really Gives How? No fees, ever. Free ATMS anywhere in the world. Unlimited Cash Back on Every Debit Card Transaction. Additional Cash Back Rewards for Socially Conscious Spending. Earns up to 2.00% APY Interest ? up to…
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“I Can’t Afford It:” Why It’s Ok to Just Say “No” to Your Friends With Money

There’s a Friends episode that took me about 15 years to get. In it, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe struggle to make ends meet while Ross, Chandler, and Monica bask in the affluence of their successes. The richer pals don’t understand the struggle of their poorer ones, and instead of coming to any sort of compromise, the episode simply ends with Monica getting fired, effectively humbling her.

Pickup trucks block Tesla superchargers

There’s Only One Response To The Trucks Blocking Tesla Superchargers

There’s Only One Response To The Trucks Blocking Tesla Superchargers An image came across my newsfeed this week. A group of trucks were blocking the Tesla superchargers in South Carolina, their owners chanting ?F**k Tesla!? I was confused by this behavior and here is why. Whatever you may think of Elon Musk and Tesla, the…
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