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From Frugality to Financial Freedom: A Path for All

A Growing Shift in the Way Americans Think About Money and Life When Kristin Hanes decided to move into her boyfriend’s car to pay off her debt, she said she felt a lot of negative emotions. “I often felt ashamed and scared, not wanting to tell people I lived in a car and camped in…
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This Rewards Card Gives, Really.

What Does Your Rewards Card Give? Did you know that 30% of all Americans let their credit card reward points expire? That’s $16 billion in cash back wasted every year. Perhaps Americans don’t feel that their cash back rewards make much of a difference. But what if you could direct your cash back rewards to…
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Green Retrofit your Home on a Budget

You’ve bought your eco-friendly light bulbs and figured out how to recycle batteries. But your utility bills haven’t gone down as much as you expected. Is there anything else you can do on a budget? Turns out you can retrofit your home to help our planet and save more money. Retrofit. That sounds expensive, doesn’t…
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Create Impact with a Unique Ethical Engagement Ring

The craziest part of graduation isn’t finding my life’s direction or figuring out how to make my freelance writing business works. It’s scrolling down my Facebook feed and seeing all of my friends in hidden-camera proposal pictures. All those pictures are precious, but some of them have dark backstories. It’s (usually) got nothing to do…
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