“Today I made the last payment to the bankruptcy court. We saved our house and I now have $1K more per month in cash!”

“My masters and 2 undergrad degrees were a mistake. I now have $100K in debt and don’t even use my degrees in my line of work.”

“I took out a $25k loan to become a teacher. Then realized I hate teaching kids.”

“I want to buy fair trade, organic, local, free-range, etc. but it’s too expensive.”

“Came to this country with nothing. Graduated top of my class in high school and college. Started making six figures by the time I was 25. These were all things I wanted from a young age. And I did it!”

“My DH left me and I don’t even know how much we have in savings because I always assumed he’d take care of it.”

“I spent $100 on a new shirt I couldn’t afford? and I feel good about it.”

“I give my sisters monetary gifts because I secretly want them to work with me.”

“I secretly wish my in-laws would die so we could get the inheritance.”

“I was so mad at the prices at Whole Foods before they lowered them, that I’d steal their smoothies in retaliation.”

“I’d leave dear husband (DH) if I could afford to.”

“Spending money on friends brings me joy”

“I tell people I’m a feminist but secretly wish DH would make more money so that I didn’t have to work.”

“I don’t even want to see what I spend on lattes per year. But I won’t stop because it’s the one thing that makes me happy every day.”

“Paying for my friends brings me joy. “

“My yoga classes are not a luxury. They are an investment in my mental health.”

“I got paid yesterday and told myself that I would use it to help pay off my credit card. The new outfit I got will look so cute when I wear it Monday.”

“Started a new job at a new company. One of the perks: increased salary. I didn?t tell my wife and instead direct deposited the difference into a secret savings account for my new truck.”

“Every month I tell myself this is the month I get a gym membership, but I never seem to have the money to afford it. Looked at my finances and realized I spent $250 on coffee last month. My local gym is only $40.”

“I tell everyone I?m broke so that they will help pay for stuff and buy me things, but I have thousands of savings that no one knows about.”

“My car needs new tires before the winter gets here but there is just no way I can afford them since I just spent $300 dollars at the bar last night.”

“I can always budget my rent payment regardless of where I live but never seem to be able to contribute to my savings.”

“Often times I will treat myself even for small tasks that I need to get done.”

“I tried meal prepping but the lack of variety has me eating out even more.”

“Bought $500 dollars of athletic clothes two months ago and still have not been to the gym.”

“Kids need new soccer shoes but I can’t afford to buy them because I just bought a pair of $400 boots.”

“My daily coffee addiction is slowly making me broke.”

“I always take my husband’s car to work on the days when I need to get gas in my car.”

“I tell my husband that I can’t get a job but I really just haven’t been trying.”

“I tell my nanny that I get off work at 8 but really I get off at 6 and go to the bar for two hours”

“I love espresso so for Christmas I got an Italian Espresso maker for two grand. Still, buy coffee every day and only used the machine once.”

“My mortgage has me living like a college student. I’m house poor.”

“I shopped at Whole Foods for 10 years, last week I switched to King Soopers and my kids refused to eat it cause it was from the cheaper grocery store. “

“My divorce has left me in a scary financial situation. I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about money.”

“My industry has changed. People do not want to pay the same wages they did 16 years ago. Everyone seems to be scrambling for crumbs. I’m afraid I’ll get replaced.”

“I didn’t start saving for retirement until 3 years ago. Now I’m afraid I won’t have enough to live on.”

“I spend too much money on my CC. I can’t stop shopping.”

“Why is organic food so expensive? I wish I could buy humanely raised organic food all the time but it’s too expensive.”

“My dream is to work freelance, but the stress of hustling for new business is making full time look more and more appealing.”

“I am severely underpaid but I can’t find a new job.”

“My job will be obsolete in the near future.”

“I’m envious of stay at home moms because I wish I could do the same but can’t afford it.”

“My boss just gave the new guy a promotion. I’ve been here for 5 years. I feel like quitting.”

“No matter how much overtime I work, I can’t seem to save anything. It all goes towards bills.”

“I wonder if I will ever see any of my social security money. Probably not.”

“Rent is too high. I need to move out of the city.”

“I hate being lower middle class.”

“I just bought bitcoin and wondering if I made a mistake.”

“I constantly fantasize about winning the lottery.”

“My student debt is insurmountable. It’s over $250K (thanks, Ph.D.!). I just pretend it doesn’t exist.”

“If I could do anything, I’d help people. “

“Scared to go to Medical School cause I’m worried about the student loans.”

“I hate how you need lots of money to be able to invest and make money. The system only seems to favor the rich.”

“Saving up to buy a new car because I’m too scared to take out a loan to pay for it.”

“How can I help others when I can barely take care of myself.”

“When I’m feeling down, helping others makes me feel better.”

“I can’t stand to give anything to the people that sit on the street corner begging. “

“Debated picking up a sign and sitting on the corner to help pay for rent.”

“My kids told my nanny that her wallet was cheap because it wasn’t Gucci.”

“I spoiled my kids too much post-divorce and now I don’t know what to do.”

“I spend more money on my animals than on myself.”

“I just started working retail and I spent my whole first check on clothes.”

“I don’t tell my husband when I go shopping.”

“I tell people I recycle but I don’t.”

“I know I should be investing in good companies but I dont make as much so I dont.”