Governments and Emojis Can’t Solve World Problems: We Can

Feeling powerless about the government?s ability to solve world problems?

Be honest.?We all see disturbing images of our planet everyday in our news and social feeds. The comments are always the same:???This has got to stop.???Someone has to do something.???We?re destroying our planet.???We?re killing our oceans.???I?m shocked.???This is devastating?.??

But before you click ? or add another comment to the useless pile of growing laments, remember:?

Comments and Emojis Don?t Change Anything

But do you know what does??Impact investing.?If you feel powerless to change things, you can now participate in the most powerful way to help people and planet, and generate wealth at the same time.?

Get $50 to Start Impact Investing Today

Impact investors change corporate behavior by moving money to companies that make a business out of solving the world’s biggest problems.

Forward thinking companies?are today’s innovators of change.?Where governments fail, companies are stepping in with solutions for the future.?And you know what? They are outperforming the market.?Stocks of companies with high environmental and social impact have beaten the S&P 500 for 25 years (source: MSCI).

How To Profit With Impact Investing

We all know the world is facing tough challenges. But the companies that are addressing those challenges are also profiting. We’ve found a financial institution that?makes it easy to invest in companies targeting specific issues. With Swell Investing, you can choose which issues matter most to you, and invest your dollars to actually make a difference in the world.

Swell uses SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts) to create a customized portfolio mix of companies across a variety of socially responsible themes.

Swell Investing is one of the most successful sustainable investing platforms around today. Anyone can join for $50 (and Swell will match it with another $50).?

Choose Your Impact

Pick the themes that matter to you. Swell applies rigorous criteria for performance and impact.?Now you can invest your money for purpose and profit. Here are just a few of the portfolios available from Swell. We did a full review of Swell’s products and their performance?here.

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Renewable Energy & Green Tech

Are you worried about climate change and CO2 emissions? Do you wonder how we will ever replace fossil fuels? Does the destruction of coal on the environment concern you?

From industry pollution to renewable energy

  • Invest in Renewable energy – Energy demands will continue to increase as the population grows. Invest in companies that are leading the way to innovative solutions. The share of electricity generated by renewable energy worldwide is set to grow faster than any other energy source.?
  • Invest in Green Tech – Energy reduction in buildings, energy sustainability and a change in infrastructure is necessary to curb global emissions. Green tech requires technology. Now you can invest in that technology.

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Zero Waste

Are you disturbed by the amount of waste in overflowing landfills??The destruction of our oceans??The rampant assault on our planet?s wildlife?

Trash and plastic to reuse and recycleInvest in Zero waste – Zero waste means more than just reusing your plastic bags. Recycling plants, waste treatment facilities, and repurposing companies play a huge part in lessening the amount of landfills. Companies that provide solutions for composting, recycling, and creating innovative materials from recycled materials are the no-brainer companies of the future.?

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Clean Water

Does it bother you that 750 million people in the world lack access to clean water? Would you be shocked to find out that lack of clean water and proper sanitation isn?t just a third world problem? (1.6 million Americans suffer from water poverty.)

Dirty water to clean waterInvest in Clean water – Water infrastructure, reuse, treatment methods, and data systems will play a critical role in meeting demand for water. In the US alone, the EPA estimates that more than $655 billion will be spent over the next 20 years on clean water. Invest in the companies that will provide these systems to solve clean water and sanitation problems.

Join Swell today and start impact investing. Put in $50 and Swell will match it with another $50. That?s free money.

Disease Eradication and Healthy Living

Does the continual re-emergence of the Ebola virus or the mystifying onslaught of Zika frighten you??Are you worried about cancer, heart disease and other common killers?

From unhealthy to healthy living


  • Invest in Disease Eradication – Companies developing novel approaches to combating today?s biggest health challenges are the companies that will discover solutions.?
  • Invest in Healthy Living – Companies focused on healthy food, fitness, and technologies that enable more of us to live longer, healthier lives will always outperform.?

Or, get broad impact with the Swell Impact 400 Portfolio

The Swell Impact 400 carefully chooses 400 companies, giving you broad impact and diversification. The Swell Impact 400 Portfolio aligns To All 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The Impact 400 is a balanced portfolio of the most impactful companies in the stock market.?Swell’s $50 minimum for this new portfolio provides one of the easiest ways for investors to get started with impact investing.?If you are looking for a single investment option that applies your dollars to many sectors, many firms, and many impact themes, the Impact 400 is for you. Every company in this broad market portfolio?must:

  1. Have revenues that are in alignment with at least 1 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  2. Score highly on one or more third-party Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) rating methodologies, and demonstrate strong diversity and inclusion practices.
  3. Include at least one woman or minority on its board or executive team. (By the way, this is needed given that there are?fewer women running big companies (total) than men named John running big companies.)?

Innovative companies are the driving force in changing circumstances. Invest in those companies and not only will you have a hand in changing the world, but you will be investing in the companies of tomorrow that are bringing the change you want, both in the world and in your finances.

Use The Power Of Your Money To Change the World

The next time you see something disturbing in your feed, you won’t?feel powerless.?Because you’ll know that you are using the power of your dollar to solve world problems and secure your financial future.

Over time and in aggregate, impact investing matches or outperforms the market. ~ Swell

Join Swell today and start impact investing. Put in $50 and Swell will match it with another $50. That?s free money. Use code: WELLWALLET. Invest in high growth companies solving the world?s biggest challenges. Choose your portfolio mix from green tech, renewable energy, zero waste, healthy living, clean water, and more.??Get Started

Be smart. Do the right thing. Help solve world problems. Because if we don’t solve them, who will??It doesn’t take much to be the change we want to see in the world.

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