Intro to Investing


As a beginner in the investment arena, there are so many options that you might have an overload of information. Choosing the right type of investment for your needs is the most important aspect of investment. Helping yourself is central to that, of course, but there are ways that investing can be done to the greater benefit of others as well. Knowing where to find these types of opportunities can transition you from a mere investor to one that has an environmental and social impact, a conscious investor wielding capital for profit and progress.

Intro to investment portfolio

Before Investing

It is a good idea to figure out how much money you have to invest, whether or not you could afford to lose it or not, and how long it would take you to recoup that investment stake should any investment not pan out. Younger people have more time to make mistakes in investing and therefore can consider riskier investments with more ease than an older investor would. Socially responsible investing is something that can be done to ensure there is a positive impact from your investment. This would include companies that promote diversity, consumer protection, human rights or environmental stewardship.

Good Investments

One of the best way to invest is through sustainable investing; ensuring that you receive a dividend on your investment while knowing that your money is being put to a good use. A great example of this is the microloan or microfinance. There are a number of websites that can put an ethical investor in touch with a person that needs a loan to give their family a chance at a sustainable life. Microloans can be used by people in developing parts of the world to buy stock of some kind, perhaps animals for a farm or raw materials to make products to sell from. The investment will benefit the individual and the investor alike.

Also, an investment that acts to improve the local community or the environment can bring both purpose and profit. Whenever possible, investing in either the local area or in an area of need is a wonderful way to use your voice as a consumer and investor, while ensuring that you will have a stable chance at an ongoing dividend and gain on your initial investment.

Make small investments and spread the amount you have to invest in several diverse types of investments, thereby creating a diversified portfolio. This way, if one investment suffers, the others will help to keep the dividends or gains coming in and you won?t lose all your investment in one swoop.

?Investments to Avoid

For an environmentally and socially conscious person, there is more to an investment than simply making a return. If you want to help the world at the same time, avoid investments in the gun industry, fossil fuels, alcohol or tobacco or many raw materials including diamond mining or another type of physical mining of raw materials in underdeveloped countries. Any investment that has the knock-on impact of creating a negative situation for someone else or somewhere else is not a good investment. Any industry that historically causes environmental damage is one to avoid, as well as any that have shown they do not care about the human rights of the people where they take their materials from.

To learn more about your options, here are 4 ways to make real money with socially responsible investing.


The reason that investments exist at all is that there is always a need by companies to gain funding to further more projects. They sell the desirability of owning stock in their company by ensuring a good dividend or return is paid out ongoing. Even the most corporate of businesses act on this premise. It is not charity to invest in areas which can be shown to be of benefit to other people, it is just a sustainable investing option that helps others as well as you. Knowing what type of investment that can make an impact while delivering the safety and an expected dividend an investor requires is easy to do.

All investing should be done after a great deal of research, no matter what the investment is in. Taking all factors into consideration and weighing up the benefits and cost of the investment with the resulting use of the investment by others while result in a socially conscious investor. The best way of furthering positive activity globally while doing our own parts in reducing the harm that is done is by not helping the harmful companies do more harm. Being sure that your investment does not harm the workers of the company who will be producing the product you invest in is one aspect, as is making sure that the investment does not harm your neighbors and those around you.


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