Impact Investing Fun (And Easy)?

I started impact investing for $50. And it was easy.

Ever since writing about Swell, I?d been wanting to try it myself.?I just didn?t have a window of time.?But the other day, I found a quick minute and I went for it.?I knew that Swell was something I could do myself without a lot of research. As it turns out, it took only $50 and 10 minutes to start impact investing in companies that are supporting progress for our people and planet.

And the fact that there would be no hands in the pot outside of my control (brokers, expense ratios, trading fees, etc.) was a huge plus.

Swell Investing

The other huge turn on was the entry:??$50 bucks.?So I jumped on their page and went over to the Impact Investing Portfolios, just to check them out again.?Turns out Green Tech had risen?since I wrote about them last week.?I?m into Green Tech and I’m ready to invest.

Getting Started

Like anything, you pick a password, wait for that email and you?re off.

Swell Investing

1. Goals And Sustainability

First, they ask a few questions about your interests and risk tolerance.

Swell Investing

These are all multiple choice, not difficult, and none are dealer breakers.

  • What?s your investment time frame?

To be honest, I can?t remember how I answered that.

  • If the market dropped significantly tomorrow, what would you do?

I think I said, “buy more.”


You’ll see a screen like this because they also have an IRA.? I may check that out later.

?Swell Investing

2. Personal Info

They ask your details, employment status and net worth (required for SEC reporting purposes).

Swell Investing

  • It?s optional to enter your liquid net worth and annual income.

I skipped it.

  • Employer?s info?

I chose ?other? and popped through to the signing page.

3. Legal Formalities

Here?sign once with your mouse for a bunch of documents that you can download.

I downloaded them, but I?m just like that.

Swell Investing

Give them your social security number (for tax purposes)

Swell Investing.
..and click! You?re DONE.

Swell Investing

Now the fun stuff!

This is where you get to create your mix of funds.

You can choose from:

  • Green Tech
  • Clean water
  • Zero Waste
  • Renewable Energy
  • Disease Eradication
  • Healthy Living

Like I said, I?m all about green tech, but renewables, water, and waste are next in line.?To be honest, I think the healthy-medical-space already has a bit of a head start.?That?s the cool thing about impact investing, though. Pick what you’re into, it’s all good.?So, this is what I chose:

Swell Investing

I may diversify more once I play with it for awhile. (hee hee)

You can change it anytime you want to without being charged any commission fees, ever.?Next, they ask you how much you want to invest.

Swell Investing

I?m thinking $100 bucks.

Then comes the time to link your bank account.

You can verify your bank account by micro deposit or you can have them send a text. This means that they will deposit some minuscule amounts in my bank account, and when I receive them, I tell Swell what they are.

But for those of you with a US SIM, you can just go for the text method.

True to form – I received an immediate email telling me exactly what to expect and what to do next.

A couple days later, I checked my bank account, saw the tiny deposits, then input the amount of the tiny deposits into a form linked from their email.

And that was that.

Swell Investing

Oh, and I also decided to set up recurring investments.?You can pick the day of the month, say how much, and it is automatically invested according to your portfolio mix.?I chose $50.?I?m gonna say right off the bat, this is my definition of user-friendly.

Very simple. Totally transparent. And you can change what you invest in anytime.

It?s not that I?m lazy, I just seem to have an extremely low tolerance for red tape.?I?m also pumped because everything I picked keeps going up. Yay! (I know there?s no promise that it will keep going up, but it’s nice to see!).?I?ll be tracking this new game and giving updates here on Well Wallet?.

Go, little green line, go!

Swell Investing

We are living in an amazing time.?I never really viewed investing as fun. It was more like a necessary evil with risks. But this, this is different.

Now to sit back and watch the good guys win.

And make some dollars.?Flexible. Swell.?Just like a …?balloon dog?? Ah, I see what you did there.

Swell Investing

Oh yeah, Well Wallet? said they would reimburse me my initial investment to write this investigative article.?But I said naw.?Where?s the fun in that?

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  • Is this available to Canadians?

    • Suzanne Leigh
      January 6, 2018 4:13 am

      Hi El Mazzara,
      According to their website, the account must be funded by a US bank, although they do mention that they are expanding internationally. We are seeking more international opportunities and hope to bring them to our readers soon!

  • Bronwen Dutnall
    March 26, 2018 3:32 pm

    How soon will they be expanding internationally? I live in the UK & am very interested in what’s on offer here. Also, are you aware of any UK companies offering similar investment opportunities?

    • Suzanne Leigh
      March 26, 2018 8:14 pm

      Hi Bronwen,
      We’ve been getting so many questions from folks around the world about this that we reached out to Swell again asking if they had a timeline for going internationally. This is their current response.

      “We’re working hard to bring Swell to everyone, but our broker-dealer’s policy currently requires all account holders to have a permanent US residential address as well as a Social Security number or US Tax Identification Number. We’ll be sure to update our FAQ once we can take on international investors. Thanks for your support!?

      We at Well Wallet are watching this space very closely and actively seeking international partners. While the UK and EU are very progressive in the Socially Responsible Investing space on the accredited investor level, they are still developing for retail customers. I mentioned this before, this space is very new and taking off rapidly. I am certain we are going to see more and more opportunities for retail customers around the world to invest AND do good. It’s an exciting time.

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