The Week’s Best Money Reads

ICYMI: This week’s best personal finance and career posts from around the web.

Women in Elite Jobs Face Stubborn Pay Gap? WSJ

A study by the Wall Street Journal reveals that highly-educated women in white-collar jobs face the biggest pay gaps. Cool!

After going from broke to self-made millionaire, the founder of Nasty Gal learned a major way rich people think differently about money? Business Insider

Money = freedom.

I Only Spent Gift Cards For a Week? Refinery29

Putting that Panera card you got in your stocking to use.

College Enrollment Is dropping. Bad sign?? CNN Money

The drop is likely happening because the economy is improving, but that also might not be a good thing…?

The Cognitive Biases That Lead to Bad Money Decisions? Two Cents

Your brain might be leading you to make unwise financial moves.


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