How We Choose Our Partners
& Pay The Bills

Our top priorities are to you, the planet and our communities. We believe everyone should feel good about the financial decisions they make. That is why our member stories, interviews, researched content and tools are offered to you at no cost.

Our team works hard to identify and recommend products and services that we believe are good and will bring about personal financial independence, while having a positive impact on our planet and the people in it.

We are able to provide this content and services at no cost to our members because of our partnerships with conscious companies. We will choose partners whose products and services are congruent with our values and purpose. Not every partner will tick all the boxes in our social responsibility matrix. For example, some partners may be more People focused while others are Planet focused. Our goal is to change the financial system one step at a time. To get there, we seek partnerships with companies that are reputable and headed on the right path of social responsibility.

We sometimes earn a sales commission or advertising fee when you apply or are approved for one of our partner products.

Our partners are chosen based on in-depth research. We ask questions such as:

  1. Is this a good product for our community?
  2. How can this product help our community achieve financial goals of lowering debt and increasing wealth?
  3. How does this product compare to the competition?
  4. How is this company impacting Planet and People?
  5. What are customers saying about this product and company?

We continuously refine and improve our process and welcome you to join the discussion around choosing good partners.

Disclosure: this article contains affiliate links. We keep you, the planet and its humans in mind when choosing affiliate partners. Here's our process for choosing partners, and how we pay our writers, developers, and artists.