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Our Swell Investing Portfolio Performance – Update!

Last year, we showed how investing with Swell was fun and easy, and we promised to bring you updates on our Swell Investing Portfolio performance.

So, without further ado – 

This is a screenshot from our account at the end of August. Note that the market was up 3.4% at the same time. Our portfolio is up 4.2%. 

Swell Investing Performance August 2018We are beating the market!

This particular account was opened in June 2018. Here is a screenshot of our returns thus far through August.

Swell Investing Mix

Not bad, eh? But beyond performance, we also want to share:

What We Love About Swell

1) Super easy to use interface:

Seriously, you don’t need any specific financial knowledge to do this. Swell’s user friendly and transparent platform spells it all out for you. You can sign up and start investing in a matter of minutes. And you can do it with a minimum of only $50!

2) Variety to easily build your own custom portfolio:

You can choose from multiple impact portfolios to construct your own unique Swell Mix. Pick from themes such as Renewable Energy, Disease Eradication, Zero Waste, Healthy Living and more. And you can change your mix anytime you want without incurring any trading fees, ever.

3) Fair pricing and transparency:

No trading fees. No expense ratios. No surprises. Unlike other investment platforms, there are absolutely no other fees outside of their 0.75% all inclusive fee. This cost is automatically calculated into the returns – so you don’t have to worry about paying anything separately.

4) You own the stocks:

Unlike other funds, you actually own the stocks in your portfolio because they are set up as SMAs (separately managed accounts). Traditionally, in order to buy individual stocks, you had to do a ton of research and then open an account with a broker which means you were subject to trading and other fees charged by the broker.

5) Cutting edge technology and portfolio management:

This is a company that really gets it. They are here to do one thing:  make us money while having real impact for People and Planet. One quick look, and you can track exactly what your money is doing.

Very simple. Totally transparent. And you can change what you invest in anytime

Now, we know that the market can go up and down. On average, the market goes down one out of every 3 years. Yet, over the long run, the market returns an average of 7% per year. This is why we invest for the long term and don’t worry about the short term ups and downs.

Swell does the deep analysis to find the best financial performers that are doing right by People and Planet, and handle the management and maintenance required to stay on task in the long game. In short, Swell investors get the sort of professional investment oversight that was traditionally only available to wealthy people.

Swell Investing Side Banner

Swell Investing is one of the most successful sustainable investing platforms around today. Anyone can join for $50. And they will give you another $50 for joining.

Our partners at Swell Investing have agreed to give all WellWallet readers $50 toward their portfolio when you open an account. You can start impact investing with as little as $50. That means when you put in $50, you’ll get another $50 from Swell Investing. Use the code WELLWALLET when you set up your account. To learn more, read our in-depth review of Swell Investing.

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