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Get paid to save energy?? If you live in California, there is a company that will pay you to save energy. 300,000 California residents have already signed up. They are working on expanding the program to other sates.

Follow this link to get $10 when you sign up!

How does OhmConnect pay you to save energy??During peak hours when we are all at home, energy operators have to boot up more power plants. This is expensive. In fact, it’s so expensive that they are willing to pay consumers to use less energy.

Energy operators pay OhmConnect to reduce users? energy consumption because it is cheaper and more sustainable than paying power plants to increase production. Ohmconnect then pays energy users (you and me).

That’s right. Local energy authorities would rather pay YOU to save energy than pay the power plants to power up during peak times.

When exactly are peak usage hours? I don’t know. But OhmConnect does and they’ll let you know in advance.

How it works

  • OhmConnect sends you an alert 24 hours before peak usage?times so you can plan to turn off a few lights, postpone running the dishwasher or skip the microwave during this time period.
  • ?The time period is called one?#OhmHour.
  • One?#OhmHour usually lasts about an hour.
  • OhmConnent pays you depending on how much energy you saved during the?#OhmHour.

How do I start?

  • Go to the OhmConnect website.
  • Confirm your phone number.
  • Get Notified of OhmHour.
  • Turn off some appliances.
  • Get paid.

The process was super easy. It took me 5 minutes to connect. So far, with 2 #OhmHours, I’ve been given 675 tokens. Over time, these will add up. Julie from CA earned $800 last year, according to OhmConnect.

Want to save more energy and make more money?

Connect smart devices!?You can also connect a Wifi Thermostat, Smart plug and/or Electric Car to earn more tokens leading to more energy savings and more rewards during #OhmHours!?

Turning on dirty inefficient power plants during high energy demand times is hurting our planet. By limiting energy use during these times we can help limit this. And we can get paid!?

Want to make your house a sustainable source of income??Check out even more options to make money and save the planet!

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