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Why You Must Forgive Your Financial Failures and How to Start

Why is Forgiving Financial Failures is So Difficult? Some of the most profound struggles we can experience are the unseen. Emotions like regret, guilt and the inability to forgive are stubborn and painful. The mass of information available online espousing mindfulness, stress management, letting go of past regrets and self-forgiveness attests to the fact that…
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Money Stories: Debt Anxiety Was Taking Me Down, But Cancer Changed Everything

Money Stories:  There were very few things Eleni couldn’t handle. Her mother’s untimely death, the loss of a business, her husband’s injuries, and a special needs son. But managing consumer debt anxiety almost took her down. Then cancer called and changed everything. Adapted from an interview with Eleni Ross. My financial education was the school…

Poor, Rich, Poor, Millionaire: The Story of a Rebel Girl

Being a rebel isn’t easy. In fact, it’s downright hard. I was born with an extreme distaste for anything related to schedules, authority, discipline, cultural institutions, expectations, and most of all, responsibility. I’ve always wanted freedom more than anything else, and I always figured, hey, that’s okay. The world needs every type of person, so…
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