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Why it Costs More to be a Woman (and What to do About it)

Why it Costs More to be a Woman In our society, women’s money experiences are vastly different than men’s.? Money is divided along gender lines in ways that might not be obvious at first. Women are at a disadvantage when it comes to earning and saving. It also costs more to be a woman.? These…
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Why This Solar Company Founder is Starting a Credit Union

Blake Jones, co-founder of Namaste Solar and Clean Energy Credit Union, was growing frustrated with the poor financing choices available to his customers. Turns out you can get better financing for a t.v. or couch than you can for solar panels. So he set out to do something about it. Jones and his team are…
Divorce Your Bank

Divorce Your Bank In 8 Simple Steps – Who Are You Trusting With Your Money?

The Ugly Truth About Big Banks Is it time to divorce your bank? Many Americans hold a checking account at mega-banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, and Citibank. These four banks hold roughly 40% percent of all US commercial assets. These four banks also have questionable track records reflecting certain shady business practices,…
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