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What’s the Best Gift for Yourself this Christmas?

What’s the Best Gift for Yourself this Christmas?

I don?t know about you, but I like to get myself a little present every year. What usually happens is that I pick up something I wouldn?t normally splurge on during the year to treat myself for Christmas.

And it feels great… until after the holidays.

This is because, just like most presents we receive from others, the value of the gift diminishes once the holidays have past, and the little gift becomes just one more piece of everyday stuff.

But last Christmas I did something different. Instead of spending my money on stuff that just turns into more junk, I opened an impact investing account for myself. This year? It’s definitely not junk and it’s still growing.

What if you could give yourself a gift that actually increases in value?

You can!?If you give yourself an impact investment account, your interest compounds itself and grows…year after year after year.

And what if you could get paid 100% of your initial investment right away?

This year, our partners at Swell Investing have agreed to give all WellWallet readers $50 toward their investment portfolio when you open an account. (Wish I’d had that bonus last year!)

All you need to do is put in $50 to open an account and Swell will match it with another $50. That’s $100 to start investing in your future and the future of our planet!

Investors can choose from 6 different themes today:

(one year performance as of August 10, 2018)

Green Technology (+10.63%)

Renewable Energy (+8.06%)

Zero Waste (+14.56)

Clean Water (+15.29%)

Disease Eradication (+16.70)

Healthy Living (+31.39%)

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Very easy to set up

Setting up an account with Swell Investing requires about the same amount of skill as it does to set up an email account. It’s super easy to set up and fund, and really fun to pick your investments. (I took screenshots when I set up my account last year. Check it out.)

No guilt for splurging on yourself!

You don?t have to feel guilty about giving yourself a gift this Christmas, because Swell investments are impact investments that are poised to do good. So, not only are you growing your own gift, you are growing your gift to the planet and its people as well.

Do something radically good this year

Use the code WELLWALLET to receive a $50 investment when you set up your account right now. Or, to find out more, read our in-depth review of Swell Investing.

Invest for yourself. It’s definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

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