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How to Use Technology to Grow Your Money and Change Our World – Podcast with WellWallet Founder Sofia Rossato

The staff of WellWallet take great pleasure in sharing with you this enlightening podcast “How To Use Technology to Improve Your Finances,” featuring our Founder, Sofia Rossato. With 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles at financial technology (fintech) companies, Sofia knows the power that the financial markets have to impact change. Sofia founded WellWallet to put this power in the hands of people who are looking for ways to grow their money with positive impact. In this podcast, Sofia explains how the power of fintech can help you both grow your money and create a better world.

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Sofia’s Story

As a young immigrant, Sofia believed in an America where you could work hard and become whatever you wanted. ?But she also had a model of scarcity, having arrived in American few with financial resources. Both of these factors drove her to create financial security for herself and her family. And she did.

Although Sofia enjoyed her work and gained valuable skills in financial technology, she felt something was missing. She asked herself:

What else is there? How can I have an impact on this world and make it a better place for everybody??

As an expert in fintech, she saw an opportunity outside of large institutions, a space for individuals to use the power of money to transform the concept of capitalism into a force for good. In this podcast,?she explains how we can use finance and technology to create a world we want to see, and improve our personal finances in the process.

Sofia is committed to helping you grow your money, while harnessing the power of your dollar to create a better world.

Where we shop, how we spend, where we save, where we invest, and even who we pay our debts to, all have a huge amount of power. Sofia wants to show how you can improve your finances, regardless of the state they are in now, while having a positive impact in your community and the environment. The WellWallet philosophy is to transform the money economy into a force for good, and make money management fun and accessible for everyone.

For many people, money can be at the same time boring and terrifying. What if we could make it fun and approachable?

What is the WellWallet app and what makes it unique?

The WellWallet app is a friendly automated money assistant and financial tracker …with a heart. Like other personal financial management apps, the WellWallet app will give you hints for growing your money. Its uniqueness lies in the way it provides personalized and actionable tips that?show you how to grow your money with positive impact. Free yourself from debt,?save, invest, and learn how to use your money as a force for good.?

Financially, people are suffering death by a thousand paper cuts. There are so many little financial traps and fees that take advantage of people. The WellWallet app is designed to work with you to manage your money more effectively. Because money has power, your financial choices have impact.

Join Sofia in this transformative interview?as she shares what inspired her to create WellWallet. She discusses the WellWallet investment philosophy that people from all income levels can follow, and explains how you can use technology to both grow your money and create the world you want to live in.?

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How Can Technology Transform Our Lives? Podcast with Sofia Rossato

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