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Green Retrofit your Home on a Budget

You’ve bought your eco-friendly light bulbs and figured out how to recycle batteries. But your utility bills haven’t gone down as much as you expected. Is there anything else you can do on a budget? Turns out you can retrofit your home to help our planet and save more money. Retrofit. That sounds expensive, doesn’t…
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How to Save for a Home Down Payment

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own home? Whether that be a condo in the city or a colonial in the burbs, even the most die-hard renters may find themselves peaking at online real estate listings every now and then, thinking of what life would be like. Sure, the housing crisis was scary, the stress of the home buying process is legendary, and the fact that there’s no landlord to call is a lot of responsibility but despite it all, the attraction is still there.

What Can We Learn from Cheapskates on the Internet?

The internet is a place of extremes. Extreme weight loss, out of control Pokemon Go tactics, and unrealistic frugality. A blog post about someone who pays off $67,000 of debt in 20 months is eye-catching clickbait. However, the much more common and realistic version of personal finance stories that detail the slow and steady approach of people who pay off debt, build up their savings, and enjoy a secure retirement over the course of decades are far less sensational.

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