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Is Technology Making You Lazy? The Dark Side of Set and Forget Payments

How Set and Forget Payments Can Get You In Trouble Most of us care about keeping a good credit record and making our credit card payments on time. Automatic set and forget payments help us do this. But there is a problem with this. It’s making us lazy. As banks get bigger and bigger, one…
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Put Your Credit Card Down!

Credit cards can be a great tool. They’re convenient, help build your credit history, and come with benefits like cashback and travel rewards. For all their virtues, however, credit cards can come with a big downside when they’re not used wisely. They can tempt us to spend more than we normally would and things can quickly spiral out of control before we even realize.

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Your Money In The News – May 6th

Your Money In The News:  Great Investment advice for the beginning investor, Use your tax return to increase your credit score, What to do with your 401(k) when you leave your employer, How to get the best auto loan… Great Investment Advice for Beginners – Motley Fool 66% of millennials have zero socked away for…
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