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Your Money in the News – July

This month: Why do people stay in debt?, Financial milestones for your 60s, Climbing credit card interest will eat tax cuts and wage increases, Beware student loan repayment scams, Mobile banking replacing bank branches… Keeping it Real: A Short Q&A on Consumer Debt – KNOE What is one reason people stay in debt? They want…
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Is Technology Making You Lazy? The Dark Side of Set and Forget Payments

How Set and Forget Payments Can Get You In Trouble Most of us care about keeping a good credit record and making our credit card payments on time. Automatic set and forget payments help us do this. But there is a problem with this. It’s making us lazy. As banks get bigger and bigger, one…
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Conscious Capitalism In The News – April 15th

Conscious Capitalism In The News:  Blockchain is empowering the unbanked in Africa, Facebook’s ESG risks, Meet the designers who fixed Facebook – in a week, Green chemistry is a thing, and more… How We Export Our Environmental Responsibilities – The Stanford Daily Carbon offsetting, is a type of sustainability solution that encourages individuals and corporations…
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Over 50 Broke and in Debt: Starting from Ground Zero

Getting Woke I’m sure there are more people out there like me, people who woke up one day and realized that they were fucked. Over 50, broke and in debt, I’d been living month to month for years. When I read about how to invest for retirement and see those little graphs that show how much…
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