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Your Money in the News – July

This month: Why do people stay in debt?, Financial milestones for your 60s, Climbing credit card interest will eat tax cuts and wage increases, Beware student loan repayment scams, Mobile banking replacing bank branches… Keeping it Real: A Short Q&A on Consumer Debt – KNOE What is one reason people stay in debt? They want…
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Your Money In The News – June 24th

This week: Will rising interest rates benefit savers? Millennials are stuck with a chunk of consumer debt in student loans, Most people are not assertive enough with their finances, The skinny on credit card debt consolidation loans, Difficult choices for the house rich/savings poor,  A decade after the financial crisis – how are we doing? Most…
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Your Money In The News – June 3rd

This issue: Interest rates threaten American farmers, bag lady syndrome – women over 50 fear living in poverty, Walmart offers employees college degrees for $1 a day,  43% of Americans are barely making it, Instagram community helps grad pay down student loan debt. The End of The American Farmer? – Gazette In the 1980s, when interest…
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