Ten Quick Ways To Make Money While Helping The Planet

How to have positive impact while growing your wallet?

Do you want to make the world a better place but feel too busy, broke or tired to make a difference? It’s understandable. How can we possibly help our communities and the planet when we barely have enough time for ourselves?

Here’s the good news: now you can make money while helping the planet. We’ve gathered 10 impact ideas that only take a few minutes to set up. Now you can give your money meaning while growing your wallet.

One of our goals is to get 250K people to take at least one of these actions listed below. Imagine the positive impact we would generate for our communities and the environment?

Take action to transform our economy into a force for good (and make money doing it.)

1 – Switch to a Green Account that Pays

Sick of bank fees, ATM fees and checking accounts that use your money and pay you nothing? Sick of banks that fund destructive fossil fuel projects? Switch to a green account that pays up to 2.00% APY interest, has zero fees ever, free ATMs worldwide, and does not use its customers deposits to fund oil projects or campaign contributions. Aspiration’s Spend & Save account gives you more, and gives back to the planet and its people .Learn MoreGet Started

2 – Invest Responsibly in Your Future

Join Swell and start impact investing. Put in $50 and Swell will match it with another $50. That’s free money. Use code: WELLWALLET. Invest in high growth companies solving the world’s biggest challenges. Choose your portfolio mix: green tech, renewable energy, zero waste, healthy living, clean water, and more.
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WealthSimple (US, UK and Canada residents) offers socially responsible investment portfolios in companies that help lower carbon emissions, promote diversity and invest in clean technology. Some of you have asked for options outside of the United States. Here they are!
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3 – Shop Sustainable Brands

At EarthHero, an eco-friendly marketplace. Get $20 off your $60 purchase. EarthHero’s rigorous vetting process selects the most sustainable companies across apparel, accessories, beauty, travel, electronics and more. Your shopping choices create change. Learn MoreGet Started

4 – Switch your Power Bill to a Clean Energy Bill

With Arcadia Power. Sign up and get $20 off your next power bill. It takes 5 minutes to transform your energy bill into a clean energy bill that uses renewable energy. Learn MoreGet Started

5 – Declutter your Life, Help the Planet and Make Money.

Get paid to recycle your old electronics, CDs, DVDs, books and even Legos. Use Decluttr to clean up your home, make money, and limit waste to landfills (electronics are upcycled and resold). No auction fees, next day payments, price promise and free shipping. Learn MoreGet Started

6 – Earn $924 a Month and Give your Empty Room a Job

Airbnb is the perfect side gig to bring in extra cash, promote global trust through people-to-people connections, and reduce the global carbon footprint by sharing extra space in your home. The average Airbnb host makes $924 for hosting a few days per month. Learn MoreGet Started

7 – Save 25% on your Monthly Bills in Minutes.

Billshark has an 85% success rate in negotiating lower bills for cable, phone, internet, satellite T.V., satellite radio, and home security. They donate an hour to teach kids financial literacy for every bill they negotiate. Learn MoreGet Started

8 – Donate to your Favorite Charity with Every Purchase.

32% of Americans let their credit card points expire. That?s $16 billion a year back in the pockets of the credit card companies. The Charity Charge Card lets you automatically donate your 1% cash back to your favorite non profits. No annual fee, tax deductible, and MasterCard benefits. Transform your rewards into positive impact. Learn MoreGet Started

9 – Create Passive Income from your Largest Asset while Helping People.

Baby boomers can make money from their biggest asset (their home) while building meaningful relationships. Silvernest is an easy and safe homesharing service with a unique matching tool designed to help older Americans age in place. Learn MoreGet Started

10 – Get Paid to Save Energy

If you live in California or Toronto, connect your utility company and get paid to save energy with OhmConnect. Get $10 when you sign up.
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