The Week’s Best Money Reads

ICYMI: This week’s best personal finance and career posts from around the web.

Chasing Habits of Rich People Won’t Teach You About Success — Two Cents

There are good habits to be gleaned from the Warren Buffets of the world, sure, but what about when they’re totally unrealistic?

Don’t Know Where Your Money Goes? That’s a Problem — WSJ

Tracking your spending can be a pain, but not doing it may cause more harm than you realize…

Prince Needed a Will, but Maybe You Don’t — NY Times

Wills are a must for wealthy people with complicated estates and tons of assets. For many others, they might not be necessary at all.

“I’m Winging It But I Have Hope”: Top Freelancers on Freelancing — The Billfold

Writers Danielle Henderson, Devon Maloney and the Lemon Blog’s very own Anne T. Donahue have a very honest discussion on the difficulties, and joys, of making your money from full-time freelancing.

Expect Epic Lines at the Airport This Summer — CNNMoney

Low airfares + a recovering economy = Record long lines at airport security. Fun in the sun!


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