The Week’s Best Money Reads

ICYMI: This week’s best personal finance and career posts from around the web.

Here’s How Much Money You Need to Afford Rent In Every State – Huffington Post

You’d better make over $30 an hour if you want to live in California.

Using a Credit Card to Save for College – NYTimes

Some credit cards offer cash-back rewards that can be deposited into a 529 college savings accounts, but are they a good idea for everyone?

Who Gives Money to Bernie Sanders? – LA Times?

The Times has a cool interactive map. Plug in your ZIP Code and see how much your neighborhood has contributed.

This Woman’s Salary Change Throughout Her Career Is Fascinating – Refinery29

What going from $28,000 to $85,000 looks like.

The more money an older woman has, the Better Sex She’s Having — NY Magazine

More reason to start investing now.

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The Week’s Best Money Reads
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The Week’s Best Money Reads

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