There’s Only One Response To The Trucks Blocking Tesla Superchargers

There’s Only One Response To The Trucks Blocking Tesla Superchargers

An image came across my newsfeed this week. A group of trucks were blocking the Tesla superchargers in South Carolina, their owners chanting ?F**k Tesla!? I was confused by this behavior and here is why.

Whatever you may think of Elon Musk and Tesla, the facts are these:

  1. Tesla cars are American made and support our economy.
  2. Tesla employs 45,000 people in the U.S.
  3. Tesla cars don?t pollute our air, they are 100% electric.
  4. Tesla has now come out with a lower cost vehicle.

As one friend pointed out, the articles?were not much help in explaining why someone would block Tesla chargers. So, I took the question to my friends on social media. These are friends who are politically red, blue, and independent.

Why Would Anyone Block Tesla Superchargers?

Here were some of the theories that came up:

  1. Parking: perhaps people are upset that Tesla chargers are taking up parking spots. Turns out, in every single one of the protest pictures we found, there were plenty of open spots. Plus, Tesla pays to lease the parking spots.
  2. Annoyance with the Tesla brand because they won?t let users fix their own cars. You have to bring the car to a Tesla shop. Maybe Tesla doesn’t let you repair your own car because it?s pretty complex (computerized everything). It’s also part of risk management. So even though some folks do rebuild their own Tesla, as friend said, “You don’t want Joe mechanic poking and prodding around that type of amperage. It would kill him with one wrong move.”
  3. Cultural bundling: People will side with their team, even if they don?t necessarily agree with the action. It?s a survival mechanism. As a friend pointed out,??If you feel like your way of life is under attack by a certain type of person, and then you see an indicator that you believe shows that someone is the type of person who you feel is attacking your way of life, then fighting back isn’t all that surprising.?
  4. Jealousy: – Disdain for those with perceived wealth. Except that, as another friend pointed out,??The Tesla Model 3 is supposed to retail at $35,000. A 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500HD retails at around $50,000.?

There’s No Stopping What’s Next

But it was the following comment that gave me an Aha moment. My friend Kyle is conservative and owns several diesel trucks. He?s even done his share of rolling coal. His explanation is below:

?I own several diesel trucks, I?ve had my fun rolling coal. And I am generally seen as a conservative … But, never would I do this.
It?s ironic, honestly. Mechanically speaking the torque these electric motors can push out is mind boggling. Makes it a perfect platform from everything to your standard F-350 to a class 8 semi.?…Don?t be surprised if you see these kids driving around electric pickups in the next 5-10 years.
Just a blip on the radar. Really nothing is going to stop the economy. If it makes sense to go electric, it will happen.? ~?Kyle Burroughs Kraakevik, Colorado Springs

There’s Only One Response: Keep Building Better Products.

What I realized is this: ?to make the world a better place, we must build better products. Products that people actually want.

  • The reason GM is failing is because the market (that’s us, the people)?no longer wants that product. The market wants Tesla. While it?s no secret that GM has seen trouble since the recession, GM dropped the ball by not chasing fundamental market shifts. Simply put, GM has been closing U.S. plants and?consumers haven?t been flocking to buy GM?s hybrid Chevy Volt.
  • The reason why conservative towns in Texas are installing wind farms is because it makes economic sense. Texas?s wind industry boasts more than 12,000 turbines and generates up to 23,000 megawatts of power?more than all but five other countries.
  • The reason why there is a run on solar roof tiles is because they are cheaper over the long term versus regular roof tiles. They also last longer. (Tesla?s tiles come with a warranty for infinity, can?t get one much longer than that!) Not to mention that they collect FREE energy for your house.

It?s really that simple. There is no stopping market economics. So why try? If you want to stay in business, you need to build better products.?And this applies to all industries. EVERYTHING. Including Financial Products.

It is my personal goal to find the products that:

  1. outperform the status quo and
  2. improve our world.

If we get #1 right, it won?t matter if people care about #2.

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